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Kinds of renewable energy

What Is Renewable Energy

The United Kingdom presently is dependent very much on fossil fuels for its power. Fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal and oil are nonrenewable, meaning, they maintained on dwindling sources that will ultimately diminish, grow to be unaffordable or too ecologically harmful to recover. In comparison, renewable power sources such as tide and solar-powered energy are continuously renewed and will always be available.


Most renewable power arrives both directly or indirectly from direct sunlight. Sun rays, or solar-powered power, can be applied instantly to heat and light in houses and other properties, for producing electrical energy, and for heated water, solar-powered cooling, and a range of industrial and technological uses.


Direct sunlight’s warmth also controls the winds, whose power is harnessed through wind generators. The planet’s turning also adds to the winds, especially via the Coriolis effect.


Together with the precipitation and snowfall, the sun induces plants to cultivate. The organic matter which comprises of these plants is recognised as biomass. Biomass can be utilised to generate electrical power, transport fuels, or chemical substance. The use of biomass for any of these reasons is known as biomass energy.

Geothermal Power

Not every renewable power sources come from direct sunlight. Geothermal power uses the Earth’s inner energy for a range of purposes, such as electricity power creation and the heating up and cooling down of properties.


Hydrogen is usually discovered in various natural substances, along with water. By far the greatest element on the planet. Due to the fact power is usually required to create hydrogen, it’s not a power source, but a means to contain and transfer power, so it is known to as a power carrier.

Tidal Energy

The sea can make thermal power from direct sunlight’s heat and mechanised power from the sea and waves.


Moving water produces power that can be harnessed and transformed into electrical energy. This is known as hydro-power.