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The Future Is Green


A 100% renewable energy future is within our reach, and it must be a objective for all countries. The precise blend of sustainable energy will differ from nation to nation, but renewable power is important in order to prevent disastrous climate disasters.
A great deal of renewable energy is quite small, providing for additional local, neighborhood and personal ownership of energy technology.
This releases individuals from depending on the large 6 power companies, which are holding the United Kingdom connected to fossil fuels.
Germany, for instance, where they are at minimum 15 years in advance of the United Kingdom on sustainable, half of sustainable energy is possessed by individuals and communities, and countless towns and cities manage their unique energy requirements
Obstacles to neighbourhood energy
Regardless of this achievement, there are nevertheless obstacles. Neighbourhoods are discovering it complicated to generate money for renewable energy developments and manage planning issues.
The Scottish Government has been encouraging renewable energy and guiding the promotion for the feed-in tariff , wherein households, companies and organisations get compensated for creating green electrical energy.

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