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Get Your Property An Energy Audit

energy-audit-processThe average UK building uses more energy than it needs to. Energy prices continue to rise and cause concern for almost every business in the UK. By undertaking an energy audit of your building, we can identify the top three ways that your company can start to save money immediately.
Our energy audit reports are concise and reveal exactly where and how your business can dramatically cut its energy costs. We lay out a clear path of action that shows the amount that can be saved, how it can be financed without impacting the bottom line and what you need to do next.

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What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a report on the use of energy in your building. Most buildings in the UK are wasting energy in some way or another, and this can often be addressed using funding from government schemes aimed at tackling the UK’s carbon reduction targets.

Put simply; an Energy Audit will allow you to identify a handful of key strategies for reducing the amount you spend on electricity and gas. Once you have that information, the choice is entirely yours as to whether you want to implement the suggested measures or not.

Many companies are surprised to find out that they can fund energy saving strategies completely off the balance sheet and with some extremely straightforward measures.

The Eko Company Audit team provide you with the hard facts that will enable you to decide how and when you want to start spending less on energy.

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“After an Energy Audit on our buildings, we decided to implement the top two recommendations made to us by Pilgrim Energy. As a result, we fitted a voltage optimiser in October 2016 and had seen our electricity usage drop by just over 12% compared with the same period last year. For us, this equates to a significant saving.

We have also replaced our oil fired boiler with a new pellet fired Biomass boiler and are now being paid by the government for heating our offices and studios using a renewable heat source.

Without wishing to “gush”, I can honestly say that the Energy Audit carried out by The Eko Company was the catalyst that kick started this programme and enabled us to reduce our overhead costs dramatically. “

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