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Boilers Repairs Edinburgh

Your heating system makes up about 55% of what you consume every year on fuel costs, so a cost-effective boiler will make a major improvement.

The latest boilers are more economical for various reasons, but the principal benefit is that they’re all condensing boilers. Every well-kept boiler burns its fuel extremely effectively, but they usually waste a little temperature in the heated fumes that spread to the flue. A condensing boiler has a heavier heat exchange, so it retrieves additional heat, delivers colder gases along the flue and is much more greener.

Eko Company Green Boilers

Occasionally the flue gases become so cold that the water vaporisation in the gas condenses completely and further energy is retrieved from the condensing fumes.

Thinking Of Changing Your Boiler?

When replacing your old boiler with a new model, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Selecting A Gas Or Oil Boiler

If you’ve got mains gas, a gas boiler is probably going to be the best heating system choice. Fuel costs as of June 2017 indicates that oil fed central heating is presently a more economical alternative, but usually, oil heating has always remained more costly.

If you do not have a gas installation to your building, it may be beneficial to install a type of low carbon heating like a heat pump or biomass boiler. With the help of the renewable heat incentive, these could possibly be a less expensive option.

Otherwise, you may wish to install a gas supply to your property. The organisation that manages the gas system in your region may be in a position to assist with the price of obtaining a new supply, and it might even be fully financed.

Kinds of Boiler

Many past gas and oil boilers were standard boilers that have an individual hot water cylinder to contain heated water, instead of supplying it straight from the boiler. Whenever you swap your boiler, you’ll be able to pick a new standard boiler, and retain your hot water cylinder, or purchase a combination boiler that isn’t going to require a cylinder.

A standard boiler is considerably economical than a combination boiler at generating hot water initially, but then a little heat is wasted from the hot water cylinder, so a combination boiler may be more effective all-around.


Central Heating Combination Boiler

How much hot water do you use?

Big households making use of a lot of hot water are probably best off using a standard boiler, while small families using a little may be content with a combination boiler.

Do you have enough space?

Combination boilers will not require hot water cylinders and call for less room in your house.