The Eko Company - Suppliers of 100% Eco Friendly Logs;

Eco Friendly Logs | Eco Logs| Eco Firewood for Fireplaces and Wood, Coal & Oil Burning Stoves 

The Eko Company are the original suppliers of rice-husk based Eco-friendly logs.

Now in our 4th year, Eko-Heat Logs can been seen all over the world and are fast becoming the most popular eco-friendly alternative to wood-based fuels in the UK.

Our Eco-Friendly logs are made from 100% food bio-waste that has no other use. No chemicals or adhesives are used in production which ensures for very few harmful emissions during burning and the ash can be re-used as a fertiliser, making Eko-Heat Logs a truly environmentally-friendly home bio fuel.

Most importantly Eko Logs burn much hotter and much longer than wood and other types of log briquettes, which is why many people have converted to Eko-Heat Logs.

Eko-Heat Logs can be purchased in smaller quantities locally, however most our customers from around the UK buy either a half pallet of full pallet

No more storage problems!

Our unique & friendly home delivery service means that you do not need to worry about how to store away the logs - just tell us where you would like to keep them and we'll do the rest!


Eco Logs made from 100% rice husk - 40 packs

Eco Logs made from 100% rice husk











     1/2 pallet (50) packs = approx 500 hours of burning                 Full pallet (100) packs = approx 1000 hours burning


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The benefits of using Eco-Friendly Logs / Eco Logs / Eco FirewoodCompare Firewood to Eco Logs

  •    Cheaper than buying wood & coal
  •    Each 9kg pack of 6 Eco logs burns on average between 9-11 hours
  •    Made from 100% bio-waste so no harmful tree felling
  •    Clean flame so no soot
  •    Great for the garden as the ash can be used as a fertiliser
  •    Our Eko-Heat Logs emit a huge 20% less CO2 than other wood-based alternatives!

Eko-Heat logs are one of the newest forms of sustainable fuels available to the UK market and as they are made out of 100% bio-waste plant material, they are also one of the most Eco-friendly.
Although relatively new to the UK market, using bio waste as an alternative fuel has been around for over a decade in parts of Asia and this is how this tried and tested product has materialised into the ‘Eko Log’.

Eco Friendly Firewood - Clean and simple to use

Eko-Log briquettes are a totally clean and stable finished product, allowing easy transportation, storage and indeed burning. During the burning process the Eko-Log gives off very few emissions, whilst producing a very strong, clean and hot flame.

Eco Fire Logs - Smartly packed and easy to store

The Eko Logs are delivered straight to your door packaged and ready to use immediately. Each pack of Eko Logs contains 6 eco friendly logs, which burn for over 1 hour each, so in total one pack lasts for over 7 hours (when burned individually).

Wood for Stoves - Perfect for all types of wood, coal & oil burning stoves

The 'Eko Log' is a perfect replacement for wood for stoves, as it produces so much heat you can leave the setting on low and the logs will last all night low, producing a very consistent heat.


What our customers say;

"Wow! You really notice the difference in heat"

"No more problems of disposing of ash - I can just throw it on the garden, great!"

"I found that the logs burned for easily 1 1/2 hours"

"I am totally converted!!! These logs are fantastic and are far better than other eco logs...and wood for that matter!"


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